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Title: Long-term performance of prestressed concrete bridges
Authors: Sousa, H.
Oliveira Santos, L.
Keywords: Bridges;Concrete;Performance indicators;Long-term performance
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: NDT net
Abstract: This article provides an overview regarding the SHM and assessment of prestressed concrete bridges is performed, mainly focussing on the identification of performance indicators (PI) associated with the long-term performance. The critical aspects related to the monitoring plan as well as the structural assessment based on updated structural models are outlined, being the latter considered as the bottom line of any further considerations. Although the definition of PI devoted to the long-term behaviour of prestressed concrete bridges is not straightforward, two definitions of PI are suggested by taking into account the two main components of the bridge: (i) bearing and expansion joints and (ii) the prestressed concrete structure. Finally, two examples - Lezíria Bridge and Miguel Torga Bridge - are presented in order to illustrate the benefit in using SHM in the assessment of the long-term performance due to creep and shrinkage effects. It is showed that a reduction in the associated uncertainty is achieved and consequently, costs associated with bridge management can be potentially optimized.
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