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Title: RAF Resilience Assessment Framework—A Tool to Support Cities’ Action Planning
Authors: Cardoso, M. A.
Brito, R.
Pereira, C.
Gonzalez, A.
Stevens, J. R.
Telhado, M.
Keywords: Resilience assessment;Urban resilience;Climate change;Urban services;Cities
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: doi:10.3390/su12062349
Abstract: "Urban areas are dynamic, facing evolving hazards, having interacting strategic services and assets. Their management involves multiple stakeholders bringing additional complexity. Potential impacts of climate dynamics may aggravate current conditions and the appearance of new hazards. These challenges require an integrated and forward-looking approach to resilient and sustainable urban development, being essential to identify the real needs for its achievement. Several frameworks for assessing resilience have been developed in different fields. However, considering the focus on climate change and urban services, specific needs were identified, particularly in assessing strategic urban sectors and their interactions with others and with the wider urban system. A resilience assessment framework was developed directing and facilitating an objective-driven resilience diagnosis of urban cities and services. This supports the decision on selection of resilience measures and the development of strategies to enhance resilience, outlining a path to co-build resilience action plans, and to track resilience progress in the city or service over time. This paper presents the framework and the main results of its application to three cities having diverse contexts. It was demonstrated that the framework highlights where cities and urban services stand, regarding resilience to climate change, and identifies the most critical aspects to improve, including expected future impacts."
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