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Title: Comparative study of the effect of long-term ageing on the behaviour of bitumen and mastics with mineral fillers
Authors: Carl, C.
Lopes, P.
Sá-da-Costa, M.
Canon Fallaa, G.
Leischner, S.
Micaelo, R.
Keywords: Bituminous mastic;Filler-bitumen interaction;Ageing;Rheological properties;Fatigue testing;Ductility fracture
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the effect of mineral fillers on bitumen ageing. Two different bitumens and four mastics were investigated in the unaged and long-term aged states, based on different properties (consistency, rheology, fatigue resistance and ductility). Mastics stiffened less due to ageing treatment than bitumens, especially with granite filler. However, the results of the performance tests were not definitive regarding the effect of the filler. Aged bitumen showed greater fatigue resistance and higher specific energy of ductile fracture than unaged bitumen, whereas the mastics showed minor variations in the specific energy of ductile fracture with ageing treatment, which is indicative of less ageing, but the fatigue resistance decreased significantly in mastics with one of the bitumens.
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