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Title: Bingo: Deliverable D3.6 - Optimized water resources models as a support to management strategies
Authors: Becker, R.
Aus der Beek, T.
Bruggeman, A.
Fortunato, A. B.
Freire, P.
Giannakis, E.
Gragne, A. S.
Van Huijgevoort, M.H.J.
Iacovides, A.
Iacovides, I.
Kristvik, E.
Kübeck, C.
Locatelli, L.
Lorza, P.
Martinez, E.
Mouskoundis, M.
Muthanna, T.
Novo, M. E.
Oliveira, M. M.
Rijpkema, S.
Rodrigues, M.
Rodrigues, R.
Russo, B.
Scheibel, M.
Villanueva, A.
Voortman, B.R.
Witte, J.P.M.
Keywords: BINGO;water resources
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Abstract: D3.6 – Optimized water resources models as a support to management strategies was developed by IWW, LNEC, NTNU, KWR, AQUATEC, CYI and all local partners within WP3 - Integrated analysis of the water cycle. This report D3.6 provides an overview of the benefit of the BINGO modelling approach for 14 sites in 6 countries. Even though the sites are diverse, as they each tackle different water problems that are typical for Europe, the combination of bottom-up knowledge and data with top-down modelling strategies (climate change data, scenarios) has been successful. At the some of the sites, e.g. in the Netherlands and Germany, individual models had already been implemented, but have been further developed or joined by additional models within BINGO. At other sites, models have been applied for the first time. Both cases have created additional knowledge about local processes and enabled water stakeholders to learn more about their resources, to peek into the near and distant future, and finally to adjust their management strategies according to model applications and results.
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