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Title: Static and continuous dynamic monitoring of Baixo Sabor arch dam
Authors: Moura, G.
Piteira Gomes, J.
Magalhães, F.
Paixão , J.
Gomes, J. P.
Pereira, S.
Keywords: Static monitoring;Dinamic monitoring;Baixo Sabor;Monitoring system;Natural frequencies;Modal configurations
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2018
Abstract: The failure of dams with large reservoirs can be the cause of catastrophic accidents with very important losses of human lives, material and environmental assets. For these reasons, the safety control of these constructions is regulated and followed by national authorities, considering the structural, hydraulic-operational and environmental aspects. In Portugal, the national authority is technically assisted, for dams that involve major risks, by the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC). The structural safety control of dams is based on regular inspection and on the interpretation of data collected from the monitoring system, obtained from different measurement instruments installed according to the dam safety monitoring plan, and taking into account the results of numerical models, considering the material properties and the loads. Baixo Sabor dam, which is owned and was engineered and constructed by EDP-Energias de Portugal, is a good example of the technology and experience in the field of monitoring and instrumentation available in LNEC and in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), able to analyze the behavior of the structure in all phases, namely during the first filling of the reservoir and exploitation period. Some results collected from different measurement instruments are presented, showing the proper functioning of the monitoring system.
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