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Title: On-site study of the time-dependent behaviour of concrete: evaluation of the application of EC2 prediction models in Algeria
Authors: Oliveira Santos, L.
Xu, Min
Keywords: Concrete;Creep;Shrinkage;Predictive models;On-site behaviour
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: IABSE - International Association for Bridges and Structural Engineering
Abstract: A study of the time-dependent behaviour of concrete carried out on-site in a viaduct in Algeria provides an excellent opportunity to assess the suitability of the use of EC2 in non-European countries. This paper presents creep and shrinkage experimental values measured during five years and compares them with the values predicted by EC2 models. A procedure for experimental identification of the parameters included in EN1992-1-1 prediction models of is proposed and tested.
ISBN: 978-3-85748-161-1
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