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Title: Evolution of the Sado estuary limit over the last 8400 years: implications for the Mesolithic communities
Authors: Costa, A.
Freitas, M. C.
Leira, M.
Andrade, C.
Mota, R.
Diniz, M.
Arias, P.
Keywords: Quaternário;Método da resistividade elétrica;Estuário do Sado
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: AEQUA
Abstract: In this work we present preliminary results of the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Sado valley over the last 8400 years. The reconstruction relies upon environmental proxies in sediments taken from six cores collected between Arapouco and Laxique (Alcácer do Sal), near the Mesolithic shellmiddens found in the area. Additionally, electric resistivity profiles were used to characterize the subsurface Sado valley configuration. Results suggest a more or less extensive brackish environment since, at least, 8400 cal BP in the studied area, i.e. there is evidence for the influence of marine water in the vicinity of the area occupied by the Mesolithic groups.
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