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Title: PROPER Project WP1 - prediction of pollutant loads and concentrations in road runoff. Task 1.3. Road runoff monitoring data and representative sites
Authors: Fernandes, J. N.
Barbosa, A. E.
Keywords: Road runoff;Pollution;Predicting models
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Abstract: This report stands for the PROPER project deliverable 1.3 and concerns the results from task 1.3: Road runoff monitoring data and representative sites. Following the literature review and the evaluation of the models conducted in previous tasks from WP1, the aim of the present task is to gather road runoff monitoring data from representative sites across Europe. The data will be used in task 1.4 of the project to assess the consistency and suitability of selected tools to predict road runoff characteristics. In order to accomplish the task objectives, the data should comprise the requirement inputs that are needed to implement the tools such as the characteristics of the road and of the traffic, climate features and monitoring data from precipitation and runoff events. A total of 22 case studies were gathered from 7 different countries, namely Norway, England, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Portugal. The roads and the monitored pollutants are characterized in the present report. For the purpose of this project and the planned following activities, the objectives were achieved, and a set of roads with wide range and diverse characteristics was gathered.
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