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Title: Use of cement based grouts in the rehabilitation of concrete dams: a review
Authors: Silva, J.
Keywords: Utilização de materiais cimentícios na reabilitação de barragens de betão
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: Proceedings SMAR 2019
Abstract: Cement based grouts are commonly used for injections in concrete dams as part of rehabilitation operations of cracked dam bodies and degraded contraction joints. This document addresses aspects such as assessment of the dam’s stability, preparatory works, recommended practices, common methodologies and standard precautions concerning the injection of cement based materials for repairing cracks and contraction joints in these massive structures. The main features related to the injection itself, including references to grouting materials, equipment and pressures and are also briefly discussed. Subsequently, a list of successful rehabilitation operation case histories is provided, including a short description regarding the anomalies and their causes as well as the rehabilitation methodology adopted for each situation.
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