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Title: Fluid structure displacement based interaction models for the dynamic behaviour of an arch dam
Authors: Azevedo, N.
Braga Farinha, M. L.
Leitão, N. S.
Câmara, R.
Keywords: Arch dams;Fluid-structure interaction;Lagrangian models;Dynamic analysis
Issue Date: May-2019
Publisher: LNEC
Abstract: This paper presents the application of a fluid displacement based formulation for the modelling of dynamic dam-reservoir interactions. This approach requires the introduction of a constraint penalty term multiplier that should be as high as necessary to enforce rotational constraint, but small enough to avoid numerical ill-conditioning and overly stiff responses. A maximum design earthquake and a forced vibration numerical analyses of an arch dam are carried out. The performance of two different displacement based finite elements are compared against each other and against known forced vibration experimental results on an arch dam, for a given reservoir level. The influence of the penalty term, of the free surface motion and of the type of finite element are assessed.
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