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Title: Facilitating the re-use and exchange of experimental data. Task 10.1 Critical review. D10.2 Critical Review of data flux between laboratory models, numerical models and field case studies
Authors: Mendonça, A. C.
Fortes, C. J. E. M.
Neves, M. G.
Capitão, R.
Lemos, R.
Reis, M. T. L. G. V.
Keywords: Data flux;Physical modeling data;Numerical modeling data;Field data
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Abstract: The HYDRALAB+ project is aimed at strengthening the coherence of experimental hydraulic and hydrodynamic research undertaken across its partner organisations. This report is D10.2 of the HYDRALAB+ project, entitled “Critical Review”. It is one of the outputs of Work Package 10 – JRA3: Facilitating the Re-use and Exchange of Experimental Data. It examines the state of the art in a number of areas relating to HYDRALAB+ with particular attention given to: · data standards and protocols currently in use in the HYDRALAB+ community; · the flow of data between the three communities (laboratory modelling, numerical modelling and field case study); and · the effectiveness of the mechanisms in use for validation and verification of data.
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