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Title: Facilitating the re-use and exchange of experimental data. Task 10.2 Data Standards and Licenses. D 10.3 Data Standards Report
Authors: Mendonça, A. C.
Fortes, C. J. E. M.
Neves, M. G.
Capitão, R.
Lemos, R.
Reis, M. T. L. G. V.
Keywords: Data formats;Experimental data;Data management options
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Abstract: The HYDRALAB+ project is aimed at strengthening the coherence of experimental hydraulic and hydrodynamic research undertaken across its partner organisations. This report is D10.3 of the HYDRALAB+ project, entitled ‘Data Standards Report’. It is one of the outputs of Work Package 10 – ‘JRA3: Facilitating the Re-use and Exchange of Experimental Data’ and is tasked with examining available data standards and licenses appropriate to the HYDRALAB+ domain and making recommendations for the uptake of proposed or selected standards, protocols and licenses. It has a wide scope and seeks to provide a comprehensive data management framework for the community.This includes guiding scientists into sensible choices for data formats, the provision of sufficientsupporting information describing data outputs, community vocabularies in particular for parameternames and units, appropriate licenses and suitable embargo periods for experiment results.
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