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Title: NDT techniques for the analysis of anomalies related with durability - Heritage buildings with masonry walls and confining concrete elements
Authors: Miranda Dias, J.
Henriques, M.
Matias, L.
Ribeiro, M. S.
Raposo, S.
Keywords: Durability;Anomalies patterns;Masonry walls;Concrete structure;Anomalies detection;Image processing;Feature extraction;Heritage buildings
Issue Date: Nov-2018
Publisher: GPBE - Grupo Português de Betão Estrutural
Abstract: The anomalies related with durability of building masonry walls and their confining concrete elements are often related to the occurrence of cracking/detachment and with the presence of moisture. In many situations, it involves the cracking of masonry walls and the deterioration of concrete which, in cases of greater severity, results in the detachment of the walls render and in the local delamination of the concrete elements (columns, walls and beams), with the uncovering of the steel reinforcement and their consequent corrosion. Automated anomalies detection, in inspection of these anomalies, based on image processing techniques, can be done using the non-destructive testing (NDT). The paper intends to identify the most common anomalies related with durability affecting the functionality and aesthetics and, in some situations, the safety of heritage buildings with reinforced concrete structure, seeking to typify the main anomalies related to the durability of materials and construction elements. A methodology of recognition of the most relevant patterns of these anomalies is briefly presented, in particular through image processing and features extraction of anomaly patterns in facade walls and on confinement elements of reinforced concrete, with the purpose of subsequent use within the framework of support to the inspection actions and consequent maintenance of this type of heritage buildings.
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