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Title: Evaluating the degree of gelation of PVC-U pipes. Comparison of currently available methods
Authors: Real, L. P.
João, I.
Pimenta, S.
Diogo, H.
Keywords: PVC-U;Degree of gelation;Dichloromethane;Differential scanning calorimetry;Tensile properties
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2018
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Abstract: Health and Safety policies have led to the recommendation of alternative tests to evaluate the resistance to dichloromethane to estimate the degree of gelation of rigid PVC pipes (PVC-U). In this work, we confirm that DSC is the best alternative method for evaluating the degree of gelation of rigid PVC pipes, using the relation between the enthalpy of fusion of primary and secondary crystallites, which were measured from respective endotherms. The suitability of this method is established by comparison with experimental results obtained with the test for determining the resistance to dichloromethane. Indeed, this method has proven to be fairly reliable and is the only one that allows the quantification of the degree of gelation.
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