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Title: Durability of FRP - concrete bonded joints in structural rehabilitation: a review
Authors: Cabral-Fonseca, S.
Correia, J. R.
Custódio, J.
Silva, H. M.
Sousa, J.
Machado, Â.
Keywords: Durability;Adhesive;Concrete;Composite
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites have been the source of an increasing interest in the field of rehabilitation, namely for repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. One of the most effective techniques comprises externally bonded FRP composites, in which the efficacy of rehabilitation depends considerably on the integrity and durability of the bond established between the FRP and the substrate, which is provided by a structural adhesive. This paper presents a concise review of critical durability issues associated with the structural bond between FRP and concrete for rehabilitation purposes. A number of factors determining the durability of FRP-concrete bonded joints have been identified and grouped into the following categories: materials – adhesive and adherends, joint characteristics and in-service conditions. For each of those factors, the main findings obtained in previous studies are summarized and the aspects that need fuarther investigation are outlined.
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