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Title: Report on the performance of the new and conventional PACs and coagulant and PAC selection for pilot testing. Deliverable of LIFE Impetus
Authors: Viegas, R.M. C.
Mesquita, E.
Andrade, M. A.
Napier, V.
Mestre, A.S.
Carvalho, A. P.
Rosa, M. J.
Keywords: Activated carbon adsorption;Coagulation;LIFE Impetus;Pharmaceutical compounds;Wastewater treatment
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Abstract: This document constitutes a deliverable of project LIFE Impetus - Improving current barriers for controlling pharmaceutical compounds in urban wastewater treatment plants (LIFE14 ENV/PT/000739). This report summarizes the activities developed in actions B3 and B4 and aims at: i) assessing the performance of the new adsorbents, developed and characterised in action B3, and of a short-list of commercial adsorbents, also characterised in action B3, towards the adsorption of a set of target pharmaceutical compounds (PhCs); and ii) selecting the coagulants and powdered activated carbons (PACs) for pilot testing in action B5.
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