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Title: Contribution to the compilation of alluvial channel data
Authors: Cardoso, A. H.
Belo, J.
Keywords: Alluvial channel data
Issue Date: Mar-1986
Series/Report no.: RELATÓRIO 76/86 - DHA/NHHF;
Abstract: LNEC´s contribution to the compilation of alluvial channel data is a series of data sets which were corrected and added to the "Extension of World F1ume Data with bedform dimension and celerity data" prepared by DELFT HYDRAULICS LABORATORY 1982, inspired by "A Compendium of Solids Transport Data for Mobile Boundary Channels" of PETERSON and HOWELLS 1973. The "Compilation of Alluvial Channel Data", undertaken by BROWNLIE 1981, was used to eva1uate the reliability of most of the existing data and to correct entries which, by a systematic or an individual error, were mistaken. New records, selected by the scanning of reports and articles, including river and flume data were added, special attention being paid to the collection of data from Portuguese rivers. Also added were some of the records not included in the Delft Hydraulics Laboratory Compilation and presented by Brownlie. A general characterization of the final data sets was also made having in mind the judgement of their usefulness in particular studies.
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