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Title: D2.1 Identification of potential hazard for urban strategic services produced by extreme events
Authors: Almeida, M. C.
Cardoso, M. A.
Telhado, M.
Coelho, L.
Morais, M.
Baltazar, S.
Ribeiro, M.
Silva, I.C.
Pestana, M.L.
Matos, J. S.
Ferreira, F.
Lopes, R.
Sebatião, A.
Póvoa, P.
Alves, R.
Pimentel, N.
Stevens, J. R.
Goodey, P.
Evans, B.
Chen, A.
Laranjeira, A.
Neale, L.
Russo, B.
Gabas, A.
Dominguez J. L.
Vela, S.
Cosco, C.
Keywords: Resilience;Interdependencies;City;Climate change
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Abstract: This report has been elaborated in the context of the RESCCUE Project. This Project concerns climate change in urban areas, so their resilience and potential impacts of extreme events on urban services, like transports, energy production, water and energy distribution. The project will provide a framework enabling city resilience assessment, planning and management. The present report develops the first task of second Work Package (following WP2) dealing with the identification of potential hazards for strategic urban services as a consequence of climate change pressure. The WP2 will cover a complete hazard assessment for urban services operation for current and future scenarios.
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