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Title: Exploring assesssment systems for water loss and energy diagnosis and priorisation
Authors: Poças, A.
Loureiro, D.
Mamade, A.
Alegre, H.
Keywords: Water and energy efficiency;Metrics;Tactical planning;Prioritisation and diagnosis
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: IWA Publishing
Abstract: In this article, rather than the traditional approaches where only standard metrics are applied, a comprehensive analysis on the possible advantages of using different metrics (more broad or specific) for system diagnosis and prioritisation is conducted. The iterative process of developing assessment systems is specifically explored and discussed, in order to be used as a direct tool to make immediate decisions and to identify medium term tactics to fulfil the tactical objectives defined by the utilities for managing water and energy losses. Results for one utility have shown that the use of more specific metrics allowed a better understanding of results than the use of a broader subset, undergoing the diagnosis of analysis areas, in consistency with the overall results found for the rest of the utilities.
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