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Title: Infragravity wave dynamics on an embayed beach
Authors: Mendes, D.
Pinto, J. P.
Pires Silva, A.
Fortunato, A. B.
Keywords: Bound wave;Phase-lag evolution;Field measurements;Cross-spectral analysis
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Não disponivel
Abstract: Field observations were performed at an embayed beachto investigate infragravity (IG) wave (0.005-0.04 Hz) dynamics. Offshore short-wave conditions measured by the Cabo Sillero buoy (323 m depth) were characterized by a mean significant wave height of 0.9 m and a mean peak wave period of 9 s. Analysis of field observations demonstrate that for this embayed beach two IG wave peaks can be detected (0.01 and 0.025 Hz). The IG wave band can be separated in two frequency bands due to the different wave propagation characteristics (0.005-0.02 and 0.02-0.04 Hz). The bound wave generation mechanism was identified based on a negative correlation between the short-wave envelope and the IG wave elevation for a time lag of 5 s. The phase-lag evolution of the IG wave increasingly lags behind the short-wave envelope shorewards.
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