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Title: The effect of storm events in the Tagus estuarine margins
Authors: Freire, P.
Fortunato, A. B.
Rodrigues, M.
Santos, P.
Rilo, Ana
Tavares, A.
Keywords: Storm surge;Flood;Estuaries;Sea level rise;Territorial context
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2016
Publisher: Instituto Hidrográfico
Abstract: Floods in estuaries can be forced by factors associated to ocean and inland sources. In the particular case of the Tagus estuary, the water level variability is mostly driven by tides and storm surges. One of the most recent flood events with the greatest impact in this estuary occurred on February 2010 associated with the passage of the Xynthia storm by the Portuguese coast. In the present study this flood event and related impacts are characterized considering two different territorial contexts: urbanised and productive agricultural areas. The territorial characterization of the potential flooding areas for a similar event considering a sea level rise scenario, obtained through numerical modelling, shows important contrasts in flooding extensions and in the exposed elements typology. These results are relevant for flood risk management, contributing to the definition of adaptation measures to improve the capability to cope with future extreme events.
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