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Title: Discrete element modelling of rock engineering structures for seismic safety analyses - PhD thesis research plan of Margarida Espada
Other Titles: Utilização de modelos de elementos discretos para a análise sísmica de estruturas em maciços rochosos - Plano de tese de doutoramento de Margarida Espada
Authors: Espada, M.
Muralha, J.
Lemos, J. V.
Couto Marques, J.
Keywords: Rock discontinuities;Discrete element models;Discontinuities generation tool;Safety analysis;Probabilistic analysis;Seismic analysis;Dam foundations
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Series/Report no.: REPORT 213/2016 – DBB/NMMR;
Abstract: This document presents the research plan for the doctoral thesis of LNEC's Junior Research Fellow Margarida Espada. This work, to be submitted to the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), will be developed in the Modelling and Rock Mechanics Unit of the Concrete Dams Department, and it is part of the on-going P2I research project DEMRock6m. This work aims at developing more efficient methodologies to perform safety studies and seismic analysis of rock engineering structures, based on discrete element models and in the integrated use of probabilistic models for the geometric and shear strength parameters and for the water pressures in rock discontinuities. This will allow a more realistic definition of the rock mass in discrete element models and an adequate identification of the potential failure mechanisms.
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