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Title: Experimental investigation on limitation of the progression of internal erosion in zoned dams
Authors: Santos, R. N. C.
Keywords: Zoned dams;Internal erosion;Concentrated leak;Test apparatus;Upstream zone;Flow restriction;Crack filling
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Two mechanisms limiting the progression of internal erosion in zoned dams, potentiated by the presence of materials located upstream of a damaged core are investigated. These are the flow restriction and crack filling actions. The former is related with the ability of the upstream soil restricting the flows passing through a flaw in the core. The latter involves transport of particles from the upstream zone into a flaw in the core, up to a downstream granular zone. A new apparatus is developed from scratch. It allows carrying out two innovative laboratory tests: the Flow Limitation Erosion Test (FLET) and the Crack Filling Erosion Test (CFET). Following an extensive testing programme on thirteen upstream materials, two cores, and two downstream filters, experimental observations and physical descriptions are presented. The potential soil behaviour patterns are described. The apparatus can assess whether erosion in the core stops, slows down, or progresses. The flow restriction action is governed by grading, plasticity and compaction characteristics of the upstream soil. In gap-graded with 5% of fines, the hydraulic loading and type of fines are critical. Crack filling by granular soils occurs rapidly, being governed by the sand and fines content of the upstream soil, and an effective grain diameter (D15F) of the filter. Rules for preliminary estimation of the likelihood of occurrence of the studied actions are also proposed.
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