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Title: Assessment of current treatment works to handle climate change related pollutants and options to make current multi-barrier systems climate change proof
Other Titles: Summary of Prepared Research
Authors: Raspati, G.
Menaia, J.
Raat, J.
Rosa, M. J.
González, B.
Sivertsen, E.
Keywords: PREPARED project;Water treatment plants;Climate change adaptation
Issue Date: 12-Dec-2013
Abstract: Studies show that climate change will affect all areas of the water industry, including the quality and availability of water resources, the infrastructures, and the treatments that are required to meet the quality standard. Key questions addressed in this work include identification of the expected source water quality changes, the impact of these quality changes to the water utilities, identification of vulnerabilities of current water treatment schemes, and adaptation/mitigation options to cope with the expected future changes. A survey (questionnaire) was conducted amongst the water utilities in the partner cities. The questions were based on the identified source water quality challenges and the preparedness of the water utilities in coping with these challenges. Most of the water utilities have already planned for actual measures in coping with the expected climate change impacts. Some of the climate change impacts are only considered as probable threats to the current treatment systems. For these and unforeseen impacts, in general there is a need for supplementary processes and/or redesign of the current treatment systems and operation. The need for treatment scheme modifications or adaptations was assessed in such a way that the resilience against expected or probable climate change impacts is acquired. The report highlights some of the potential treatment technologies as viable options in restoring the barrier that is potentially compromised owing to the climate change effects. The options to redesign water treatment process that include cutting edge treatment technologies, modification of the conventional treatment, and integration of natural systems as part of treatment processes are presented.
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