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Title: Monitoring structure and regional-level displacements for Lisbon using multitemporal InSAR techniques
Authors: Roque, D.
D. Perissin
Falcão, A. P.
Fonseca, A. M.
Henriques, M. J.
Keywords: SAR interferometry;Structure monitoring
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: ESA Communications
Citation: Roque, D., Perissin, D., Falcão, A.P., Fonseca, A.M., Henriques, M.J. (2015). Monitoring structure and regional-level displacements for Lisbon using multitemporal InSAR techniques. In Proc. Fringe 2015 Workshop, Frascati, Italy, 23-27 March (ESA SP-731)
Abstract: The city of Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and has been devastated by catastrophic events in the past, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. This study provides a regional analysis of displacements for the city and its neighbourhoods, between 2008 and 2010, through the application of mutitemporal InSAR techniques on Envisat ASAR images. Smaller areas with identified problems were subjected to a more refined processing. Besides, the behaviour of some key infrastructures, such as important buildings or railways, was carefully analysed in order to evaluate their safety. Subsidence was detected at the regional and small areas, in which the highest subsidence rates were verified on industrial parks or on landfills close to the river. Seasonal trends were found for the small areas, mainly related with structure thermal expansion or variations in underground water.
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