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Title: Proposal for the dam safety regulation of Mozambique
Authors: Pinheiro, A.
Mora Ramos, J.
Caldeira, L.
Jossefa, E.
Boavida, A.
Keywords: Mozambique;Dams;Safety regulations;Safety control
Issue Date: 21-May-2015
Abstract: The paper presents the mains aspects of the proposal for the Dam Safety Regulation of Mozambique (DSRM), emphasizing aspects that may be considered innovative or specific to the Mozambican dam panorama. The scope of the DSRM and the criteria for dam vulnerability and potential damage in the downstream valley classification are presented. The Mozambican institutions that will be involved are listedand their roles briefly presented. Concerning the dam safety control, the Mozambican data base purposes are described and the several procedures and documents that will be used for that control are briefly listed and discussed . The main safety requirements to be considered in the design stage that were included in the proposal are also included. Finally, the guidelines adopted for the defaults penalties and for the owners financial support obligations are briefly described.
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