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Title: Comprehensive analysis of the concrete deformability test results of portuguese large dams
Authors: Serra, C.
Batista, A. L.
Azevedo, N.
Keywords: Dam concrete;Concrete deformability;In situ and laboratory tests;Mechanical property correlation
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2015
Abstract: Structural material characterization through testing is a common practice in structures such as large-span bridges, nuclear power stations, tall buildings and large dams, where the installed strains and stress take significant values. The collected data of composition and deformability test results of the concrete of several Portuguese dams, built since 1951, properly treated, allowed the establishment of correlations between the composition and the deformability properties of the full-mixed and the wet-screened concrete used in dam construction. Taking into account the laboratory and in situ testing, correlations between some composition elements and the experimental test results and between creep coefficients of wet-screened and full-mixed concrete were obtained.
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