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Title: Experimental study of stability of submarine outfalls in muddy soils
Authors: Mendoza, E.
Neves, M. G.
Afonso, C.
Casarín, R.S.
Reis, M. T.
Clavero, M.
Losada, M. A.
Keywords: Low quality soil;Submarine outfalls;Physical model;Liquefaction;Waves
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Abstract: Marine structures built on muddy soils, such as breakwaters and submarine outfalls, are subject to settlement, scour and liquefaction and the mechanics of these processes are still uncertain. The aim of the present experimental study is to investigate stability of submarine outfalls in low quality soil. Physical modeling, carried out in the wave flume at UNAM, Mexico, is described and the results are presented and discussed. Tests were performed for different wave conditions (wave heights and periods), different soil characteristics (several mixtures of kaolinite and sand) and three structural layouts: the pipe resting on the soil, the pipe partially buried and a totally buried pipe. The pore pressure for different positions on the soil and the movements of the pipes were measured, together with surface elevation along the flume.
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