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Title: An Integrated Approach for Flood Risk Assessment in Estuaries
Authors: Freire, P.
Tavares, A.
Fortunato, A. B.
Oliveira, A.
Cardoso, M. A.
Pires, P.
Keywords: Numerical modelling;Climate change;Territorial vulnerability;Management guidelines;Alert and warning system
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Abstract: Abstract: Floods in estuaries are associated to different hazard sources, such as high tide levels, storm surges and large fresh water discharges. In adjacent urban areas, the impact of estuarine high water levels is often amplified due to inadequate drainage conditions. As requested by the European Directive on Floods, flood risk assessment and management is becoming a priority as the effects of climate change and the growth of exposed population will increase inundation vulnerability. An integrated approach for flood risk assessment was developed, in which inundation for different climate scenarios and return periods is evaluated through estuarine and urban drainage numerical modelling. Exposed elements assessment, including population, infrastructures and environmental resources, supports territorial vulnerability mapping, and risk is analysed considering different spatial scales (regional and local) and territorial topologies (urban and interface). Results will contribute to improve the understanding of estuarine inundation processes and to develop adequate flood risk management guidelines.
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