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Title: Flood risk assessment in estuaries. The importance of historical data integration in predictive tools development
Authors: Freire, P.
Fortunato, A. B.
Rilo, Ana
Bertin, X.
Li., K
Issue Date: May-2014
Abstract: Floods in estuaries can be driven by different forcing mechanisms from ocean and inland sources and are often aggravated in urban areas by insufficient drainage conditions. Sea - level rise and extreme climate events can exacerbate wat er levels inside the estuaries. D evelopments are being made to reduce the uncertainty of forecast tools in order to provide reliable flood predictions that can support risk assessment and management strategies . The integration of his torical events data analysis in h azard forec asting can contribute to a better knowledge of the dominant flood drivers and to improve the validation of the models . In the present work a data base of historical flood events
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