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Title: Treatment variation along the board of furfurylated sapwood and heartwood
Authors: Esteves, B.
Viana, H.
Ferreira, J.
Ribeiro Nunes, L. M.
Domingos, I.
Keywords: Board variation;Dimensional stability;Furfurylation;Watersoaking
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Abstract: Wood modification by furfurylation depends on impregnation, so only some species can be treated and even so generally only sapwood samples can be used. Another question is that if the impregnation is not even the properties may vary along the board. The objective of this work was to determine the differences in the main wood properties along the treated board. Furfurylation was tested in maritime pine samples (Pinus pinaster Aiton,) with both sapwood and heartwood. Density, dimensional stability and water absorption by the water soaking method were determined. The differences between untreated and treated wood and also between treated heartwood and sapwood are high. Despite the higher density (and furfuryl content) near the sides of the board the differences along sapwood boards are very small.
ISBN: 978-972-49-2267-6
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