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Title: DAMAGE ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSIS – Cloister of Santa Clara-a-Nova Monastery, Coimbra (lower damage)
Authors: Gonçalves, T. D.
Delgado Rodrigues, J.
Keywords: Soluble salts;Crystallization;Salt decay;Case-study;Santa clara-a-nova;Renders
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Publisher: LNEC
Citation: Diaz Gonçalves T; Delgado Rodrigues J (2004) DAMAGE ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSIS – Cloister of Santa Clara-a-Nova Monastery, Coimbra (lower damage). Case-study COMPASS, lnec2004c20.
Abstract: This report concerns the cloister of Santa Clara-a-Nova Monatery, Coimbra, used as a case-study of the EU project COMPASS. It focuses the assessment of damage, diagnosis and advice for repair of salt decay anomalies. It concludes that measures should be taken for trying to lower the amount of moisture reaching the base of the walls, namely to improve the drainage of the cloister garden and to prevent the excessive use of water in cleaning operations. The damaged cement-based render should be replaced. Renders of low capillary absorption or low water vapour permeability, which may amplify the effects of the capillary rise, should be avoided. A transporting render is adequate.
Description: Este registo pertence ao Repositório Científico do LNEC
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