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Title: A Method for the Dynamic Characterisation of Daylighting in Mediterranean Climates
Authors: Santos, A. J.
Keywords: Daylighting;Energy efficiency;Visual comfort
Issue Date: 15-Jul-2013
Publisher: ENBRI - European Network of Building Research Institutes
Citation: ENBRI Webzine July 2013
Abstract: The traditional daylighting calculation methods and the metrics used for its quantification have some limitations. For example, these methods do not take into account, effectively and realistically, the consequences of the dynamic characteristics of natural light and in particular those associated with its energy-related impacts and with the influence of the occupants of the buildings in the final daylighting performance. In view of that, an integrated method for characterization and realistic prediction of the dynamic performance of daylighting was developed. The new method takes into account: i) the characteristics of the luminous climate in the southern European regions, where non-overcast sky conditions prevail; ii) the guarantee of an adequate indoor visual environment and minimization of visual discomfort; iii) the energy-related impacts of daylighting; iv) the influence of environmental management systems and their control strategies in the final daylighting conditions and energy use; and, v) the expectations, preferences, attitudes and behaviours of individuals towards their indoor environmental conditions and control systems at their disposal.
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