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Title: Use of construction and demolition recycled materials (C&DRM) in road pavements validated on experimental test sections
Authors: Freire, A. C.
Neves, J.
Roque, A. J.
Martins, I. M.
Antunes, M. L.
Faria , G.
Keywords: Sustainability;Waste;Construction and demolition recycled materials;Road pavements;Experimental test sections
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Abstract: The construction activity usually generates large amounts of waste from different sources and processes. Due to the increasing shortage of space for landfill implementation and the costs associated with waste control regulations, derived from its ever increasing environmental protection requirements, the most desirable alternative is the reduction of construction and demolition waste volumes by means of their reuse and recycling. A research project, SUPREMA - Sustainable Application of Construction and Demolition Recycled Materials (C&DRM) in Road Infrastructures, is being developed by the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC), and by the University of Lisbon (IST). This project seeks to contribute to the sustainable implementation of C&DRM in road pavements by improving the knowledge of the physical, mechanical and environmental behaviour of these materials when placed as aggregates in unbound pavement layers. Besides a general presentation of the research project and the construction procedures of a test pit structure where four different materials were applied, this paper presents some results related to the characteristics of the studied materials, supported by laboratory and by in situ tests performed with the FWD in the test pit structure. It was concluded that all materials demonstrate an acceptable structural performance.
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