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Title: Use of the velocity defect law to assess sand transport rates
Authors: Abreu, T.
Silva, P. A.
Sancho, F. E.
Michallet, H.
Keywords: Oscillatory flows;Horizontal velocities;Defect law;Bed shear stress;Sand transport;Sheet-flow
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: Journal of Coastal Research
Abstract: This work uses a simple method based on the defect law that is able to reproduce the horizontal velocities within the wave bottom boundary layer, using a limited number of parameters. The theory is checked against the measured velocity profiles gathered with a high resolution Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler. The velocities were collected during an experimental project performed at the Large Oscillating Water Tunnel of Deltares under flat-bed/sheet flow conditions, allowing the analysis of the effects of wave nonlinearities and of a net current on the sediment transport processes. The velocity estimates are used to infer the time-varying bed shear stress, using the momentum-integral method. Secondly, the bed shear stresses are incorporated in a quasi-steady bed load formulation and the transport rate predictions are compared with the net transport rate measurements obtained in the same facility. The results show that the methodology presented in this work provides a suitable estimation of the horizontal near-bed sediment transport rates under non-linear oscillatory flows.
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