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Title: A survey of failures of bridge falsework systems since 1970
Authors: André, J.
Beale, R.
Baptista, A. M.
Keywords: Bridges;Failures;Temporary works
Issue Date: Nov-2012
Publisher: Institution of Civil Engineers
Abstract: Bridge falsework systems are frequently used during the construction, rehabilitation and retrofit works of bridge structures. These structures have a significant impact on the cost, construction rate and construction safety of the supported permanent structures. However, the relevant stakeholders often do not consider them to be as important as permanent structures, and in recent years a high number of accidents involving bridge falsework systems have been reported, particularly in the developing world. In order to increase the safety and the efficiency of these systems it is certainly beneficial to learn from past failures. In this paper, a survey of the failures of bridge falsework systems since 1970 is presented. The data will provide useful statistics for risk assessments when considering the potential consequences associated with failures of bridge falsework systems.
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