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Title: Innovative architectural and structural design to preserve historical centers
Authors: Felix , D.
Feio, A.
Branco , J.
Saporiti Machado, J.
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Series/Report no.: Comunicação;
Abstract: Historical centers are important elements of our cities, representing their history and evolution. Many cities are facing the problem of having several vacant and degraded buildings needing intervention to avoid collapses. Also several examples of unforeseen events, like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc., have severely damaged important historical cities. Beyond the risk of losing built heritage, these buildings represent public danger for citizens. Thus, in post-disaster scenarios it is urgent to protect historical buildings in order to prevent the propagation of damages. This paper presents a first efficiency assessment of using wood based systems in buildings needing urgent consolidation or damaged after disasters. Being light, easy to handle and install, as well as providing the sufficient load carrying to prevent the evolution of the damage and losses, wood and wood-based elements can be associated in different arrangements providing quick construction systems for the consolidation of damaged constructions.
ISBN: 978-0-415-66195-9
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