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Title: Small overtopping at Albufeira harbour: field measurements and modelling
Authors: Ferreira, Ó.
Reis, M. T.
Carrasco, A. R.
Neves, M. G.
Neves, D. R.
Didier, E.
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Abstract: Overtopping evaluation is often performed by empirical methods that still require complementary validation against field measurements. This study presents the first data set of overtopping measured at a breakwater in Portugal, including flow depths, velocities and discharges. Data were collected for small overtopping conditions (lower than 1.24*10-3 m3/s/m) and compared with estimated values from empirical methods. The corrected NN_OVERTOPPING2 (corrected) tool proved to give reasonable estimations when the overall analyzed period was considered, while the uncorrected NN_OVERTOPPING2 and the EurOtop formulas were unable to adequately represent the measured discharges. Pn (normalized wave power) is suggested as a proxy to achieve discharge predictions using offshore wave parameters and the sea level (tide and surge).
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