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Title: Analysis of the Portuguese building regulation system.
Authors: Branco Pedro, J.
Meijer, F. M.
Visscher, H. J.
Keywords: Building regulations;Building control system;Portugal
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2008
Publisher: RICS - Construction and Property. Conference
Citation: COBRA2008 - CIB W113 Papers on law and Disput resolution. London : Rics, 2008
Series/Report no.: CIB W113;
Abstract: The Portuguese building regulation system has undergone significant changes in the last 20 years. Almost all building regulations presently in force were approved during that period. Some of those building regulations resulted from the transposition of European Directives. Other building regulations were changed due to improvements in the scientific knowledge. The changes in the building control system were mainly driven by an adaptation to more pressing circumstances of practice. The lack of municipal technicians and the need to abbreviate procedure times were two determinant circumstances. The solution was to reduce public building control and make private parties responsible for complying with the building regulations. This paper analyses the Portuguese system of building regulation. The organization, content and authorities responsible for the building regulations are described. Regarding the building control system, an overview is provided of the main stages of the building permit procedure. For each subject the legal documents and the opinions expressed in written documents by professional associations of the construction sector are analysed. The conclusion is that, although there was a positive evolution in the last years, two structural problems persist: the building regulations are complex and disperse, and the qualifications of technicians involved in construction works are not clearly established. Other shortcomings of the system are also pointed out. Drawing on these conclusions, some proposals to improve Portuguese building regulation system are summarized. The research is embedded in a European comparative research project that is currently being carried out at OTB.
ISBN: 978-1-84219-434-8
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