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Title: Probability of damage in timber structures by monitoring of biological activity - monitor project
Authors: Ribeiro, D.
Almeida Garrett, J.
Duarte, S.
Ribeiro Nunes, L. M.
Saporiti Machado, J.
Keywords: Wood;Acoustic emission;Conservation;Biological deterioration
Issue Date: May-2012
Series/Report no.: Comunicação;
Abstract: The service life of timber structures is often affected by biological deterioration processes. In Portugal the gross of cases are related with biological degradation by termites or fungi. If detected in an early stage, small scale repairs may solve the causes of the degradation at a reasonable cost. For this to happen it is necessary to develop a network of sensors that could provide a continuous surveillance of the structure and give early signs of possible biological agents or abnormal wood conditions that can promote deterioration. The present paper reviews the results in this field, having in mind the ongoing studies within the research project MONITOR - Sustainability of timber structures by monitoring and control of degradation mechanisms.
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