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Title: Dimensional stability of waterproofing bituminous sheets used in low slope roofs
Authors: Grandão Lopes, J.
Correia, J. R.
Keywords: Flat roofs;Waterproofing;Bitumen sheet;Reinforcement;Dimensional stability
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Lap joints between waterproofing bituminous sheets, applied in either single or multiple layers, are one of the most critical areas of roofs, especially when the waterproofing systems comprise only a single sheet. In fact, the way how lap joints are executed is highly associated with the occurrence of anomalies in such systems. With this regard, the dimensional stability of the sheets is one of their most important characteristics, as it that can strongly influence the performance of the lap joints and the details on roof upstands. In this context, with the aim of contributing to improve the understanding of this characteristic of bituminous sheets, the present paper presents results of an experimental study on the dimensional changes suffered by bituminous sheets when subjected to temperature variations. Different types of traditional and non-traditional sheets, with various types of bituminous mixtures (oxidized bitumen and atactic polypropylene (APP) and styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified bitumen) and reinforcements (polyester, glass fibre and polyethylene) were tested according to EN 1107-1 standard. For most of the sheets, the isolated reinforcements were also subjected to dimensional stability tests in order to evaluate their influence on the overall performance of the waterproofing layer. The results of these experimental investigations confirm that sheets with polyester reinforcement are much less stable than sheets reinforced with glass fibre. In addition, it was concluded that the influence of the type of polymer-bitumen is negligible when compared to the influence of the type of reinforcement - in general, the dimensional stability of the sheets is worse than that of the corresponding reinforcement. Finally, it is shown that the dimensional stability performance of similar products produced by different manufacturers is similar, both for the isolated reinforcements and for the waterproofing sheets.
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