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Title: CerAzul: Assessment and development of materials and techniques for the conservation of Historic Azulejos
Authors: Morais Pereira, S.
Esteves, L.
Mendes, M.
Musacchi, J.
Delgado Rodrigues, J.
Mimoso, J.
Keywords: Azulejo;Restoration;Durability;Compatibility
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2012
Publisher: Universidade de Aveiro
Citation: Actas do Congresso AZULEJAR em suporte informático
Abstract: CerAzul aims to study, evaluate and optimize the treatments used in the conservation and restoration of architectural tiles (azulejos). The interventions that will be considered in more detail are the consolidation of the ceramic matrix, the re-adhesion of the glaze and biscuit fragments, and the volumetric reintegration of azulejo lacunae. The scientific state of the art on the application of these treatments to architectural ceramics will be discussed. The most common materials and techniques used nowadays in these interventions will be depicted together with some considerations about their use. The strategy to be followed intends to evaluate the efficacy, compatibility and durability of the treatments with the azulejo substrate in order to obtain systematic information that will allow professionals in the field to choose the best solution for their interventions. A set of existing and promising materials for the conservation of tiles is planned to be tested. Effectiveness and compatibility tests will be performed on treated azulejo samples and these ones will be subject to accelerated ageing in a climatic chamber where their degradation will be monitored. New formulations, alterations to existing ones, or new materials will be developed in order to tentatively obtain treatments with improved properties.
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