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Title: A New Wave Breaking Criterion for a Finite Element Boussinesq Model
Authors: Pinheiro, L.
Fortes, C. J. E. M.
Santos, J. A.
Fernandes, J. L. M.
Okamoto, T.
Keywords: Wave breaking;Wwave propagation;Boussinesq equations;Finite elements
Issue Date: May-2012
Abstract: This paper describes the implementation and validation of two wave breaking methodologies in the BOUSSWMH numerical model (BOUSSinesq Wave Modelfor Harbors). BOUSS-WMH is a finite element model for wave propagation based upon the extended Boussinesq equation derived by Nwogu [8]. In the present work, two empirical formulations were used: the first one is the well know and widespread using free surface elevation acceleration method and the other one is the newly developed that includes Relative Trough Froude Number. The two will be compared and their main advantages and disadvantages will be evaluated.
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