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Title: Impact sound reduction provided by current Portuguese and Brazilian floating floors: Comparison between lab tests and EN 12354 results
Authors: Silva, E.
Patrício, J.
Antonio, J.-
Keywords: Impact sound
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2012
Publisher: LNEC
Abstract: This paper presents a set of comparisons between lab results of impact sound tests exerted on small floating floors samples, using various resilient materials currently used in Portugal and Brazil, as well as comparisons between these results and those obtained by calculation with the standard EN 12354-2. Some field test results were also compared with these laboratory measurements. For the purpose, the dynamic stiffness of 12 resilient materials has been experimentally determined. These materials were used to compose floating floors in samples of reduced dimensions that were tested in laboratory conditions using a standard tapping machine. The adaptation terms CIΔ were also taking into account in this set of comparisons. The calculated sound reduction levels using the procedure set forth by EN 12354 showed good agreement with the experimental results, in frequencies between 100Hz and 3150Hz. It was not observed significant differences between the results of same material tested with different dimensions. The same can be stated for the values of adaptation term CIΔ in terms of frequency range extensions.
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