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Title: The effects of wood industry in the economical development of Kosovo
Authors: Bajraktari, A.
Bouriaud, L.
Petutschnigg, A.
Ribeiro Nunes, L. M.
Pereira, H.
Keywords: Forest;Wood industry;Development;Qualification;Curriculum
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Series/Report no.: Comunicação;
Abstract: Kosovo is a relatively small country with 10870 km2 where 42% of its territory is covered with trees. To date, Kosovo has passed through three important phases of economic development: the emergency phase after the recent war, the second phase with. the privatization of social enterprises and the present third phase of sustainable development The after war period was very important for the forest sector as it led to its reconstruction, privatization and development aiming at the internal and foreign markets. Positive developments in the field of wood industry led to a marked increase in the number of work places offered and consequent requirement for a specialized and qualified workforce. These developments have been sustained by higher education programs addressing these issues. One of the study programs is offered by the Faculty of Applied Technical Sciences, in Ferizaj, within the University of Prishtina. This is the only higher education institution in Kosovo, which for 35 years has been offering opportunity to study in wood industry and cooperates with wood processing enterprises and with the Kosovo Wood Processing Association. Curriculum projects are focused in a way that the study process should be more closely related with industrial practices and scientific analyses of all practical parts in the economical context. The large proportion of forests in Kosovo represents a relatively good potential for development of this sector both for the domestic market, and for exports of wood products. This sector can also be very attractive for foreign investments and can generated new jobs. It is therefore essential to have scientific and technical knowledge on the national forests as well as on the species' quality for wood processing.
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