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Title: Effect of topophaphy on the distribution of in situ stresses due to gravity and tectonic loadings at Paradela site (Portugal)
Authors: Figueiredo, B.
Lamas, L.
Muralha, J.
Keywords: Topography;Tectonic and gravitational stresses;Numerical model;Boundary conditions
Issue Date: May-2012
Abstract: A methodology is proposed for dealing with the unbalanced stresses that arise from numerical models due to topography effects when horizontal stresses are applied at the vertical boundaries. The proposed methodology is used for understanding the role of topography on the distribution of in situ stresses due to both gravity and tectonic loadings. In particular, the influence of Poisson’s ratio on the orientation of principal stresses is illustrated for the case where only gravity loading is introduced. This approach is applied to the Paradela site, in Portugal, where a large underground repowering scheme is underway.
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