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Title: A semi-destructive tension method for evaluating the strength and stiffness of clear wood zones of structural timber elements in-service
Authors: Brites, R.
Lourenço, P.
Saporiti Machado, J.
Keywords: Semi-destructive;Assessment;Timber;Strength;Stiffness;Maritime pine;Chestnut
Issue Date: Feb-2012
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Series/Report no.: Artigo;
Abstract: The paper presents a new semi-destructive method for obtaining a prediction of the tension parallel to the grain properties of clear wood of structural timber members. This method is less intrusive than other existing methods and consists in extracting four small specimens along the length of the timber members. The tension strength and stiffness obtained is intended to be used as input data for the assessment of timber members in situ. Since the method only provides information regarding clear wood, it will have to be used together with other non- or semi-destructive methods that could accommodate the effect of defects on the loss of clear wood properties. The validation of the method was carried out by a comparison with results obtained from a standard method used for determination of clear wood properties. The results show a good agreement between stiffness values but a medium agreement in the case of tension strength.
ISSN: 0950-0618
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