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Title: Rehabilitation in Oeiras & Amadora: a practical approach
Authors: Marques, M. J.
Saramago, A. P.
Silva, M. H.
Paiva, C.
Coelho, S.
Pina, A.
Oliveira, S. C.
Teixeira, J. P.
Camacho, P. C.
Leitão, J. P.
Coelho, S. T.
Keywords: Planning;Rehabilitation;Strategies;Urban water infrastruture
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: IWA
Abstract: Urban water systems are essential to modern societies; managing them strategically is a challenge as th ey require continuous and costly capital maintenance to assure the service sustainability. Therefore, wis e rehabilitation and maintenance planning are essential. This paper presents an application of an innova tive urban water infrastructure asset management (IAM) methodology, the AWARE-P approach, to the case of the Oeiras and Amadora water utility (SMAS O&A). This IAM approach considers three level s of planning: strategic, tactical and operational, corresponding to long-, medium- and short-term horiz ons. One of the main advances of the AWARE-P approach is considering assessment dimensions other than cost, namely performance and risk. The entire utility was considered at the strategic level and at a first stage of the tactical level. One District Metering Area of the water network was used as pilot for te sting the AWARE-P procedure at the more detailed level of tactical planning. Five IAM alternatives w ere devised; a traditional like-for-like pipe replacement alternative was considered among other optimal design alternatives that take into account energy efficiency and system’s resilience. The alternatives w ere assessed and compared and, finally, the best alternative was selected using a simple multi-criteria d ecision method. The application of the AWARE-P approach by SMAS O&A contributed to a shift of p aradigm within the organisation with regard to rehabilitation.
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