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Title: The Effect of Water on the Durability of Granitic Materials Consolidated with Ethyl Silicates
Other Titles: L'Effet de l'Eau sur la Durabilité des Matériaux Granitiques Consolidés avec les Silicates d'Éthyle
Authors: Costa, D.
Delgado Rodrigues, J.
Keywords: Ethyl silicates;Granite;Water;Durability
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Publisher: Canadian Conservation Institute
Abstract: The action of water on granitic materials consolidated with ethyl silicates was investigated. Tests were performed in the laboratory and involved three types of actions: cycles of temperature and humidity, long-term water immersion and cycles of absorption followed by drying of liquid water. Ultrasound measurements were used to monitor changes during the “ageing” processes. The vast experience existing in this field allows us to consider this method one of the best choices for fissured rocks characterization like granites, in particular when used in a comparative basis. All tests indicate that these ethyl silicates currently used in practice of conservation are sensitive to the action of water. Although this sensitivity is not limited to these products, they are particularly vulnerable, even if the consolidant has a water repellent side effect due to its composition.
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