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Title: Building regulations and control in the face of climate change: Overview of the Portuguese situation
Authors: Branco Pedro, J.
Pina dos Santos, C.
Keywords: Building regulations;Portugal;Climate change
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: RICS & University of Salford
Citation: COBRA 2011. Proceedings of. RICS Construction and Property. Conference
Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of the main initiatives implemented in Portugal aimed at improving the environmental performance of buildings. The study is focused on the building regulatory system. However, to describe its framework a wider context is analysed for the following reasons: a) strategies and plans on environment and energy establish main goals and actions to minimize the production of greenhouse gases and to prepare for the challenges of climate change; b) building regulations and their control system set and enforce mandatory minimum requirements for the building stock; c) voluntary certification and labelling set requirements above regulatory minimums and prove their enforcement; d) incentive programs and tax benefits give financial support to change the characteristics of the building stock; e) training and technical information increase the capacity of professionals, and finally, f) sensitization campaigns raise public awareness among consumers and contribute to changes in their behaviour. The results are that there is a coordinated set of initiatives to improve environmental performance of buildings. These initiatives: change the characteristics of the existing building stock, improve the performance level set for new buildings, and encourage more responsible environmental behaviours. Energy is the resource on which more initiatives were focused. Some initiatives set mandatory command and control regulations but most of them are incentives for voluntary improvements. Despite the many initiatives to improve environmental performance of buildings, their actual implementation and effectiveness must be assessed.
ISSN: 978-1-907842-19-1
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